Best Reasons for Hiring a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Brisbane


If another’s actions in a car accident in Brisbane caused your injuries, hiring a motor vehicle accident lawyer, Brisbane protects your best interests.

Helping with your injury claim is the best reason for seeking help from a motor accident lawyer. Your best interests and rights throughout the process will be represented and protected by a good lawyer.

Many motor vehicle accident lawyers, Brisbane work on a contingency basis. It means that you don’t have to pay an upfront fee when hiring them. Rather, they get paid only when you get paid.

Filing an injury claim needs valuable help from a good motor vehicle accident lawyer. The best reasons for hiring a good car accident lawyer include:

Establish the true value of your injuries

The true value of your claim has to be established for you to receive the right compensation. Lowball settlement offers from insurance companies are the usual tactic used.

A good lawyer on your side knows and understands the true value of your claim to refuse any settlement that does not cover the true value of your compensation. Working with a lawyer ensures getting the right compensation for your losses in the past and the future, including:

  • Suffering and pain
  • Medical bills in the past and for the future
  • Lost income and future lost wages

Negotiate with the insurance company

While making money is the top priority of any business, it is even more so with insurance companies. It means that the training insurance adjusters undergo makes them highly skilled in insurance settlement negotiations. Insurance companies will do everything in their power to either deny the claim or pay the least amount of compensation.

You will stand to lose if you negotiate directly with the insurance adjusters. Hiring a lawyer is your best bet to significantly impact your claim.  A good lawyer will:

  • Fight for your best interests to get the right compensation you deserve
  • Negotiate with the insurance adjuster
  • Help prepare a carefully crafted verbal or written statement geared towards your benefit
  • Handle everything on your claim

Work for a fair settlement

Negotiating insurance settlements is the daily routine of insurance adjusters. The best interests of the insurance company they are representing will always be the top priority of insurance adjusters.

A good lawyer has the same, or even better, negotiating skills as insurance adjusters. Having a trusted lawyer on your side ensures that you get rightly compensated for the losses brought on by the car accident.

Prove the liability

Proving the negligence of another person in a car accident is often the most complicated and hardest thing to claim. Yet, the only way to get properly compensated for the injuries suffered is to prove the harm done by another party.

The various methods a good lawyer will do to prove the liability include:

  • Interview witnesses
  • Get the accident report
  • Get complete medical records from all attending physicians
  • Reconstruct the scene of the accident
  • Consult other medical experts as a way to validate the seriousness of the acquired injuries

A good lawyer is your best ally when you want to get fair compensation for the injuries caused by a car accident. Contact us to hire motor vehicle accident lawyers that get you a result.

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