Jurisprudence, inscriptions halved: because nobody wants to be a lawyer anymore


The reason is easy to understand: the course of studies, although long and demanding, does not offer many job opportunities and wage expectations are not proportionate to the amount of study. This is enough to halve in ten years the young people who choose to undertake Jurisprudence.

To this incontrovertible fact, must be added the fact that times have undoubtedly changed, and if once children and young people dreamed of being a judge or a lawyer, now they prefer other careers, especially in the IT and technology sector in general.

Without a doubt, the legal preparation allows awareness of the world, the state and the institutions to mature and has undoubted pragmatic implications in everyday life, however, given the sharp drop, it is clear that this course of study needs an “update”.

Law graduates, in fact, even the most prepared, often do not know English and foreign languages ​​in general and do not have adequate computer skills to immediately enter the world of work.

To this fact must be added the fact that, as is often said, there are too many lawyers in Italy, work is stressful, low wages and the qualification exam becomes more and more selective.

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